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We aim to bring the most unique items from across the globe to our customers. While we don't focus on one specific area or country, a large share of our products come from China, US, UK, Spain, South Korea and India.
Since we have vendors all over the globe, its hard to specify an average arrival date. However, in most cases an order will take between 7-21 days to arrive - based on what product is purchased and the method of shipping selected. You will be provided with tracking details for every order so you can plan accordingly.
Aria Gifts uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt any information that is distributed online, such as your credit card details. That said, for added security we suggest you consider the following: 1) Know your credit card's fraud protection policy. Most cards offer between $50,000 and $100,000 worth of protection against any wrongful use of your card. Its good to know your protection limits as a general rule. 2) Think about using PayPal for your online purchases - especially during the holiday rushes. This service offers fast and convenient access to your money with extremely low risk of exposure to hacking. 3) Last but not least, find vendors you can trust. Email/Call/Do test purchases with small amounts. All of the above will help you understand who you are doing business with before shelling out money and exposing yourself to potential risks. Aria Gifts is an online business but we feel customer contact is incredibly important. So, if anyone of our customers would like to have a call with us we are eagerly willing and able to schedule this connection.
No, but we are working on this. For now we unofficially recognize those customers who continually purchase from Aira Gifts by providing free items and other perks.
First, you would fill your cart at, follow the checkout steps, then enter your payment and submit. Once the order is accepted (meaning item availability have been verified) you will receive an order confirmation from our sales team. After the order has been fully processed you will receive an invoice which will include (in most cases) tracking details. We will of course update you throughout the process if there are delays or issues impacting your delivery. Lastly, your gift should arrive in fairly plain packaging. This is done on purpose to ensure that there is no easy way to id the contents. After all, these are gifts!
Yes. An invoice and tracking details will be provided once an order is received, processed, and payment verified.